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Native Plant Inventory...

Is Within The Scope of Our Native Plant Preservation Projects.

Our native plant preservation process starts by performing a native plant inventory on a site approved for development

Our crews visit the site, where we collect required plant data while mapping each plant. Plants that need to be inventoried typically include mature trees with a trunk diameter of 4 inches or greater and cacti taller than 3 feet.

Native Plant Preservation

The Inventory Process...

Involves using GPS technology to locate the plant on the earth’s surface and collecting other attribute information, such as plant species, tag number, condition and size. GPS data can then be transferred to various software programs to produce essential documentation.

We can transfer the GPS data to AutoCAD drawing and documentation software to produce a map that shows the plant location with its identifying tag number. This map can additionally be overlaid on a digital aerial photograph, along with the proposed site development layout, to create the overall native plant inventory plan.

We can likewise transfer the GPS data to an Excel spreadsheet, generating a spreadsheet detailing the attribute information of all plants. Combine the native plant inventory plan with the spreadsheet, and clients have a professional, high-end presentation they can submit as part of their grading/building permit approval process.


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