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When developing a new property you need a company you can trust.

We complete all native plant preservation projects on time and on budget.

The Arizona native plant law protects many plant species, requiring those plants be preserved when a property is targeted for development.

Black Eagle Nurseries and Maintenance not only knows and adheres to the law, but we complete all native plant preservation projects within the allotted time frame and with remarkably high tree survival rates.

Landscape Maintenance from Black Eagle

The scope of work involved with native plant preservation projects include:

Native Plant Inventory: Our native plant preservation process starts by performing a native plant inventory on a site approved for development...
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Native Tree and Cacti Salvage: Several species of native trees, shrubs and cacti are protected by Arizona law as well as city ordinances, and Black Eagle Nurseries and Maintenance ensures their preservation is our business...
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Nursery Setup and Maintenance: While salvaged trees and cacti are waiting to be replanted in the new landscape areas of the development, they spend their time at an on-site nursery...
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Revegetation: The most attractive desert landscapes are those that appear natural, and Black Eagle crews are pros when it comes to recreating the look of a native desert in disturbed areas...
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One goal is to make our clients happy. Another is to make sure the plants are inclined to thrive throughout the entire process.

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Questions, want more info or to schedule an appointment?

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