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Revegetation Services...

Is Within The Scope of Our Native Plant Preservation Projects.

The most attractive desert landscapes are those that appear natural

Black Eagle crews are pros when it comes to recreating the look of a native desert in disturbed areas. These disturbed areas can include road cuts and fills, utility easements and temporary construction access roads.

Landscape Maintenance from Black Eagle

The Revegetation Process Begins When a Project’s Infrastructure is Nearing Completion...

We start with replanting trees and cacti removed from the site during the native plant salvage process. If the site had any boulders and rocks prior to construction, we install those as well. We also install various sizes of native plants indigenous to the particular site.

The next stage is installing a drip irrigation system to get the plants established. It typically takes two to three years for plants to become established enough to be weaned off the drip irrigation.

The Final Phase of Our Revegetation Process...

Installing small native cobblestone and desert seed mix for the finishing touch.

With a combination of seasonal rains and drip irrigation, a revegetated area can look exactly like the native desert in just three to four years – especially when the project was helmed by Black Eagle Nurseries and Maintenance.

We not only have a passion for our landscaping work, but for the landscape itself. Our goal is recreate and preserve as much of our Sonoran Desert ecosystem as possible in this rapidly growing area.


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