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Nursery Setup and Maintenance...

Is Within The Scope of Our Native Plant Preservation Projects.

While salvaged trees and cacti are waiting to be replanted in the new landscape areas of the development, they spend their time at an on-site nursery

The general contractor designates the nursery site, which is typically close to the jobsite trailer where we can access water and provide ongoing care for the salvaged plants.

Landscape Maintenance from Black Eagle

The Owner or Developer Supplies a Water Source...

With options including a water meter, hydrant meter or construction water pump mainline. Black Eagle installs a temporary drip irrigation system that includes a backflow prevention device, PVC mainline, manual valves, poly tubing, spaghetti tubing and drip emitters at the base of the salvaged plants.

Trees are lined up in rows on an area of the site that won’t be disturbed by construction. We include basic nursery maintenance with twice-weekly service to water, prune, fertilize and provide any other work required to keep the trees healthy.

Saguaro cacti are also planted in rows in the designated nursery area, with the recommendation that those 12-feet tall and higher receive bracing made of two-by-fours and cable. The saguaros are watered once each month to promote new root growth and help prevent dehydration.


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Questions, want more info or to schedule an appointment?

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