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Native Tree and Cacti Salvage...

Is Within The Scope of Our Native Plant Preservation Projects.

Several species of native trees, shrubs and cacti are protected by Arizona law as well as city ordinances

Black Eagle Nurseries and Maintenance ensures their preservation. We specialize in salvaging and relocating native trees and cacti on land development projects, an absolutely must for many Arizona regions.

Landscape Maintenance from Black Eagle

Owners and Developers...

Specific areas of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Buckeye and Mesa are required to salvage and replant native plants that meet certain size requirements and are deemed healthy enough to survive the boxing and transplanting process.

Our tree salvage process involves pruning, boxing and moving the trees to an on-site nursery for storage until replanting. We install a drip irrigation system and provide weekly service to provide water and any other required work to maintain optimum health.

Saguaro cacti are salvaged bare root, using a truck with a custom-made hydraulic cradle. The cradle is first tilted to a vertical position so the saguaro can be secured to it. The large cactus is then excavated from the soil and tilted back onto the truck, with the cradle supporting the trunk and bracing the arms. The saguaro are then transported to the on-site nursery and planted for later use.


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Questions, want more info or to schedule an appointment?

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